Monday, December 31, 2012

Deceptions and A Tangled Web

Deceptions and A Tangled Web by Judith Michael are about twin sisters, Sabrina and Stephanie who decide to switch lives for a week. I read Deceptions a few years ago. Then I read it again...and again. The storyline was that good. It amazed me that Stephanie would do what she did. I like to think I'd never, ever do that. The "deception" just kept growing...and growing... It ended in tragedy!

Then I'm in the library, looking at Debbie Macomber books and notice Judith Michael. I recognize the author (actually authors...
wife is Judith, hubby is Michael). I begin looking through the titles and reading the blurbs. Then, I see A Tangled Web: the Sequel to Deceptions! Oh my! Could it be? YES!! Oh man! I can't wait to read this one!!

Sometimes a sequel does not live up the first novel. Well, this one is well worth the wait! It picks up right where Deceptions left off and the story is amazing! It's almost like the authors wrote the entire book as one, realized it would put readers off with the sheer volume of it, and decided to separate it into two novels. This is a fantastic story which uses romance, intrigue, and danger to really prompt a person to think deeply.

Enjoy, friends!


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